Cuaresma fritters

Written by  05 March 2016
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In Cal Sendra you'll find the typical Cuaresma fritters.

These sweets are typical of these dates. These dates bring us memories of when we were little. After days of partying and debauchery that represents the Carnival comes Lent, days of reflection in which, according to Christian tradition, had to do penance, fasting and practicing abstinence. The same day the newly Carnival, Ash Wednesday, begins the period of 40 days before Easter, therefore, served to prepare for Easter. However, over the years, this sacrifice was traditionally kept falling and light meal during the week and allowed to eat only fish on Sundays. Meat and eggs do not let it eat.

And now how do we represent these 40 days of prohibition? Well ... the Old Cuaresma. An old woman, wrinkled, with headscarf and a unique feature that makes it unique is that it has seven legs! How many weeks until it reaches this Easter. And its mission is to ensure that the children of the house does not eat meat and that always takes two cod in hand (Mallorca herring or a spicy pepper in the mouth). In many homes and schools puts the Old Cuaresma hanging in the window, so that every Friday he can cut his leg while he sings a song.

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